Dutch Girl Design is founded in 1999 by Claire Polders.

Eye for the artistic
Besides being a freelance designer, I am the author of four published novels and a variety of short stories and articles. My husband works in the music and film industry. In my search, so many years ago, for someone to build our professional websites, I found a lot of agencies developing identities for corporations. Very few of them had an eye for the artistic individual. So I decided to create the websites myself: Dutch Girl Design was born.

Unique approach
I have mainly designed websites for artists, photographers, and musicians. Organizations like production houses, travel agencies, publishers and consultancy companies have also relied on my services. Each project has received a unique approach, as each project needed to express something different. It's my goal to deliver a design, a logo, or a site, that captures who you are. A good website can be more than just a business card: it can play with your identity.

Work Flow and Process
Although each project is unique, they have one thing in common: they all start with clear communication. What do you need and what can I offer? To give you an idea of the process of developing a website, I have written a small article called Work Flow.

Standard websites might have standard prices, but I cannot list the cost of a project in advance. Please contact me so I can send you a free and customized quote with no strings attached.
To give you a global idea: a simple and static website starts from €1.250, development of a house style and site including content and various techniques starts from €2.500. My hourly rate is €65.

Programs and techniques
So how do I design and develop? If you are mainly interested in the outcome of my work, you can skip this part and see my portfolio instead. For those who would like to know more about my technical expertise, please read on.
In the past I often created websites in Flash with animations and embedded videos. But as the Flash plugin is no longer supported on mobile devices such as iPhones and Blackberries, I have adopted different techniques. Now I code in XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. All my (recent) projects are validated with W3C validators, comply with W3C Accessibility Guidelines and are cross-browser tested in IE6+, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. In short: I design and build functional and search engine friendly sites according to web standards.